As the game develops, there will be more emerging use-cases for the $PIXEL token. We have several use cases at launch, and will continue to develop and refine the game (and ecosystem) for years.

VIP Passes

Pixels VIP Passes will now be able to be purchased in $PIXEL.


Additional mints of pets will be in the $PIXEL token. Mints will be held monthly.

Purchasing Coins

Coins, our off-chain currency may be purchased for $PIXEL to progress through the game quicker.

Realms & UGC

The player will be able to create their own items to trade in our game. Players will be able to mint these items as NFTs with $PIXEL.


Players will need $PIXEL to start and join guilds.

Quality of Life Upgrades

We have in-game items & perks lined up that will be purchased with the token

  • Portals that link to other farms

  • Additional Bookmarks

Future use-cases

  • Further investment into Realms

    • User-generated mini-game builder powered by $PIXEL

  • Pet Breeding

  • Pet Upgrades

    • Cosmetics for pets

    • Upgrading pets skills & Levels

  • Player Upgrades

  • Quality of LIfe improvements in Chapter 2

    • Speeding build times

    • Increase build capacity

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