Caverns & Dungeons

Players will be able to use the new Exploration skill to discover items, resource nodes, chests, and, most importantly - new areas.

This provides a new gameplay loop that will be critical for the contested lands loop and provide additional fun in the form of discovery, monetary incentives, and related achievements for our multiversal explorers.

Contestable Zones

By exploring through dungeons, players can discover new contestable zones. With contested lands, there will be a system announcement upon discovery for all players and the island will appear on everyone's world map. Once a player or group has placed a Pylon of Contest, that contested land will be linked to Terravilla via the portal so that all players may quickly travel to it and participate in the contest.

Players who have exploration skills that are high enough (50), and use them in one of the hidden exploration nodes near an undiscovered zone, can discover the zone.

These contestable zones will generate tier 5 & 6 resources - one of the resources that players can turn into the Task Board for $PIXEL.

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