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Unlocked at TGE

Season 1

We created a point system during our pre-alpha in October 2022 to distribute our soft currency, $BERRY. We also promised users that participants would be airdropped $PIXEL at a future date. Players had to compete to earn badges by playing the game, connecting socials, and sharing with friends. Only the top 20,000 earned rewards.

Season 2

Season 2 of our Airdrop will start five weeks before TGE, run for 4, and end the week before.

Users will be given points for...

  • Completing In-game Quests

  • Referring New Users

  • Creating and Joining Guilds

  • Creating Social Content

$BERRY Holder Airdrop

A percentage of the airdrop will be reserved for $BERRY holders. This will be done in-game but will reflect both on-chain and off-chain balances of $BERRY. More information is in the following section.

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