Chapter 2

Chapter 2 brings a total revamp of current systems in Pixels.

It will bring systemic changes to resource generation and introduce new features like resource tiering, Guilds, and Dungeons.

Changes to Resource Collection

Resource generation in Chapter 2 will be tied to each land - not to players. That means there is a global cap on how many resources can be generated daily. This differs from the current system, where additional resources are generated for each new player. This ties in very well with Guilds.

Changes to Crafting

Personal crafting stations will now allow a single user only.

Multi-crafting, i.e. stacking multiple of the same recipe, will be allowed. It's capped but upgradeable via skill or $PIXEL.

Queuing multiple different recipes will be allowed. Additional slots will be available for upgrade via skills or $PIXEL.

Resource Tiering

All resources and crafting recipes will have to be broken down into the 5 tier model.

All resources will have a purpose. No more than one energy-producing resource and recipe per tier. Others that currently serve to produce energy will be repurposed and fed into crafting chains, or required for things like pet evolution, quests, etc.

Tool Tiering & Durability

In addition to new resources being added to the game, there will be tool progression similar to traditional RPGs or games like Minecraft. Users will need to craft better tools, and these tools will breakdown after too much use.

Land Progression

We’ll be adding new types of free-to-play land

We want free-to-play (non-landowners) to still have enough content to progress through. They will be able to collect lower-tier resources on their own specks. They will also be encouraged to visit & upgrade their own specks more

  • They will start with a speck that generates Tier 1 Resources

  • They can progress to specks that generate Tier 2 Resources

NFT Lands will have access to top resources.

And more...

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