In Pixels user account is now assigned a Reputation Score based on various data points. These data points are then weighted in correspondence with the significance of the associated action. The higher the reputation score, the more interaction an account can have with the Pixels economy.

Players can increase their reputation by...

  • Holding Land

  • Purchasing VIP

  • Connecting Discord, Twitter, and phone numbers to your account

  • Completing Quests

And we’ve begun to experiment connections with products like YGG GAP quests, Mocaverse, and Forge to increase reputation points.

However, a Player’s reputation can also decrease. The following will decrease it...

  • Trading with too many low-reputation users

  • Getting too many reports

  • Getting muted

This system is still being iterated on - but has been extremely effective in stopping bots.

Bot & Multi-account Impact

These changes, combined with changes made to resource collection, will make the game less prone to botting and multi-account abuse. Bot & multi-account prevention is key to building a sustainable web3 ecosystem.

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