Rewards Evolution

We have the ability to adjust the split of ecosystem rewards to different user personas to align reward distribution with the end goal of Pixels: ecosystem growth. This is where a lot of the core tech and discovery will lie.

The breakdown of rewards to personas is subject to change so we can adjust the rewards to relevant user personas as needed to balance the economy properly

  • In order to maintain funnels to Land & VIP Ownership, we have targets of earnings per player

  • Leftover incentives can be distributed to free-to-play players

However, a key thing to note is that in order to achieve sustainable growth, we want to balance rewards with the burn of $PIXEL.

There is a matrix to balance between reward amount, reward splits, and token utilization - the balance will need to be played with.

Sustainable Growth

To achieve sustainable growth, Pixels will focus on balanced and cautious development. Emphasis is placed on managing reward expectations to avoid excessive $PIXEL distribution and subsequent burn/lockup. Initially, conservative $PIXEL earnings will be established, with adjustments based on earnings distribution among user personas. VIP users and those likely to spend $PIXEL receive priority.


For the first six months of the game, Pixels will likely be running many experiments to fully understand the correct splits for each persona we want to reward while simultaneously balancing faucets and sinks into the economy.

Over the next year, as confidence in $PIXEL's utility and burn/lockup mechanisms grows, rewards and user base expansion can gradually increase.

As we refine this approach, we can start to expand rewards beyond the four initial personas outlined.

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