Progression & Upgrading

The further you progress in-game, the more mechanics, resources, items, and industries you will have access to.

Players will get access in our initial rollout to two new skills


The Cooking profession allows players to brew drinks, create meals, and cook fruits and vegetables. The player can use a variety of ingredients to create and discover new Recipes that provide enhanced buffs and unique effects.


Woodcrafting allows the player to build valuable items for their house. These items could include chairs, tables, chests, houses, windmills, tools, etc. Certain Woodcrafting items can also have a utility outside of their decorative purpose.

Similarly to the Cooking mechanic’s recipe system, for Woodcrafting, the player needs to own an Item Blueprint to be able to begin crafting.

Blueprints, Recipes, and more!

Players will need to progress in-game, attend events, or maybe they just need to get lucky to unlock certain recipes or blueprints. These will recipes and blueprints will be huge unlocks for certain aspects of gameplay.