Targeting Earnings

Part of the core tech that Pixels is developing is around the targeted distribution of rewards. This is experimental and must be iterated heavily over the next 12 months.

The aim is to create the most efficient distribution of rewards possible.

We are able to target rewards to specific types of players through the taskboard & rewards dashboard, focusing on 4 main personas.

  • Free-to-play users

  • VIPs

  • Landowners

  • Pixels Ambassadors

Free-to-play Incentives

Task Board Tasks

Users may occasionally get Taskboard Tasks that offer $PIXEL. This will be at random.

Rewards Dashboard

We may open certain rewards pools in the Rewards Dashboard to all users.

VIP Incentives

Extra Taskboard Slots

In addition to free-to-play rewards we can direct more Task Board slots & more $PIXEL tasks to users.

Rewards Dashboard

We can create VIP-only pools & tasks in the Rewards Dashboard

Land Owner Incentives

We can distribute incentives to Landowners in several ways…

Extra Task Board Slots

Like VIP Passes, we can give landowners more taskboard tasks & $PIXEL earning opportunities.

Taskboard Tasks for Tier 3 & Tier 4 Resources

We can also indirectly create value for land and guild memberships by creating more tasks on the taskboard that use resources that can only be collected on NFT Lands. This creates a higher ROI for farming on guild-owned land and will funnel users towards Guild memberships.

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