Plots are pieces of floating landmass signature to the Pixels universe. Players can choose to make their homes on three varieties of plots, each with its preconceived perks and limitations.

Free and rented plots will primarily be single-player instances, and visitors won't be able to see your farm. You don’t need to own a plot of land to access the game's features.

Free Plots

Also known as Specks, which are the most basic type, allowing the player to engage in basic farming activities. Altogether, Free Plots do not offer much functionality and provide far less yield than other types.

Rented Plots

Rented Plots allow the players more freedom, better yield, and space for decorative purposes, but their downside is in the player having to rent them out, thus forfeiting a large portion of their winnings by using this plot type.

Owned Plots

Owned plots give the player additional space, functionality, and the highest income/yield out of all plot types. There are two variations of Owned Plots, each with its corresponding level of benefits:

  • Small Owned NFT

  • Large Owned NFT

Land Owners have unique benefits associated with an ownership relationship to the land that is not found in other land interactions.

All Industries are available to Owned Land, and some are unique to Owned Land. A Land Owner adds value to the NFT by working, industrializing, automating, and decorating it. Active Industries are limited by available land size but limitless overall. They can be mothballed at any time, and a new Industry initiated, as long as your land size can accommodate it.

Land Owners have the richest tapestry of interactions in Pixels. They can manage the resources of their land themselves, benefit from the production of their land by Sharecroppers, and be Sharecroppers themselves on other Owned Lands.


Each NFT farm will have resources available and the highest tier of resources that can’t be found in public lands (of which the free Sharecropper Speck and the rented Sharecropper lands are included). The only method of obtaining these resources is through a Sharecropping relationship with a Land Owner.