Cross-Project Gameplay

Pixels is an ambitious project. As we bring on more and more projects into our ecosystem, we will have many different types of audiences getting exposed to the Pixels Universe.

Key Objective: We must not detract from any particular gamer style and preserve the core experience for each type of gamer entering our Universe.

What is Different Between Experiences?

The core game loops of each integrated project are intended to be very different and are intended to attract different audiences.

Game Loops

The Pixels Game has its own core gameplay loops involving farming, upgrading land, and collecting rare items, and its themes are meant to attract a more casual and mid-core audience.

We want to enable projects to make their worlds unique and their own experience. We will work with early teams to help develop new mechanics, game loops, and ways to interact with our technology.

Game Worlds

Each project will be able to offer its own unique starting area and a shared world to explore for its users.


Each project will be able to offer its own line of quests and narrative experience.

Levels & Experience

Levels and experience in one world will likely not help you in another, and the progress through different loops will be separated. We don't want progression in one experience to hamper the fun of another experience!

What Is Shared Between Experiences?

Player Profiles

Your user and all its upgrades bought with $PIXEL will move from world to world as one. You'll have the same login and onboarding experience - and you'll only need to do it once - not for each project, you move between.


Your inventory will follow you from world to world. These items probably won't be useful when you move them into new worlds - but they might still look cool!


Item utility will be limited to each project's world. For example, you will not be able to take soil from the Pixels Universe and place it on other lands. Or you wouldn't be able to use a weapon from one game in another (by default - some games may choose to turn this on).

We want to keep progression in-game tied to each game experience. As game often tend to handle rarities, inflation, and economics very differently.

Though we'll allow some items to be crossed over between worlds - we'll also make it really easy to see how rare each item is. If you bring in an item from project A into your house in project B - the typical player in project B has no idea how rare or impressive that item is - we'll give easy ways to look that up!