Pixels is still free-to-play. Players can harvest, plant, and sell to their heart's content - they don't need to own land.

Rented land will all be leased and not owned by the player. The land will stay assigned to their account as long as they can pay the leasing fee. Players will be able to lease larger and larger plots of land as they accumulate in-game resources.

Farmers can establish new skill progression by working the industries of an NFT Farm.

How are the Industries and Land Owner/Free-to-play relationships structured?

Since potentially there are many more non-land owning Players than Land Owners, multiple farmers can build the same relationship with a single Land Owner’s Industry. This has no cumulative benefit, however. In terms of production and leveling, it only matters that it is actively managed and there is continuity of production.

Land Owners may also farm on other's lands. Simultaneously, Land Owners can personally manage their own Industries as a Player, managing the farmers using their Land, and being journeymen as farmers on other Land Owner's Land.