Inspired by projects like FriendTech & Stars Arena - Guilds will be a new form of membership & community building that is tightly integrated into Pixels gameplay.

What Are Guilds?

Guilds will become an integral part of Pixels - especially in our upcoming release, Chapter 2. Chapter two will bring large changes to the gameplay. Players must work together in Guilds to maximize production and achieve larger goals in the Pixels Universe.

Chapter 2 will bring several key changes:

→ New resources & resource tiering

→ Resource generation will be limited to each land, not each player. Only one player can use a given industry, crafting table, or piece of soil at a time. Huge change! You’ll want to trust people you give land access to in your guilds.

→ A new skill built around exploration. Guilds will search and compete for the best resources in-game.

Guild Memberships

Players may purchase memberships to join a guild. A bonding curve determines the membership price to join a guild. Users can also choose to sell their memberships back at a price determined by the bonding curve.

A 5% tax on the purchase and sale of these keys will be split between the Guild & Pixels.

Guild Ranks

Players may join multiple guilds & purchase multiple memberships into a guild. Any player is also able to purchase a guild membership to any guild. However, guilds will have full control over permissions inside their guilds - especially regarding gameplay. We’ll introduce a Guild Ranks system where guild leaders can assign roles and permissions to guild members. For example, users who purchase a guild membership may not necessarily be given access to resources, storage chests, or chats inside of a Guild - they’ll still have to work their way up in whatever government the guilds build.

Guild Handles & Guilds Charters

You can now purchase Guild Handles at for $50,000 $BERRY. These Guild Handles are not on-chain and not transferrable for now. Do not try to squat on valuable Guild Handles that belong to others - we reserve the right to refund your $BERRY or change your Guild Handle for now.

A guild cannot start accepting memberships until they have a Guild Charter. Guild charters will be sold in $PIXEL when the token is out.

Guild Watchlists

Guild Watchlists are now live. It is free to join a watchlist. Guilds may start recruiting members and forming a community now. The top 20 guilds with the largest watchlists will be given free Guild Charters & early access to our guilds functionality as it rolls out.

Guilds Roadmap

We released the first pieces of guilds in November 2023; more functionality will roll out over the coming months…

✅ Guild Watchlists - Live Now

🏗️ Guild Memberships - Dec/Jan 2024

🏗️ Guild Ranking - Jan 2024

🏗️ Guild Gameplay - Feb 2024