Evolving Tokenomics ($BERRY)

For any web3 game to achieve long-term success, sustainability must always be prioritized.

We aim to combine good game design, lessons from the leading web2 games, and what’s working from the top web3 games into delivering what we believe to be a long-term and sustainable economy for our game.

There is still so much to build and iterate on inside of web3 gaming. One of our recipes for success is that if the tech, meta, or even a paradigm we want to deploy doesn’t already exist, we’re not afraid to try things out, or course correct.

We have evolved how we think about our tokens in game and have made the strategic decision to focus on $PIXEL and to phase out $BERRY. All $BERRY holders will be rewarded with $PIXEL, with the reward proportionate to the amount of $BERRY owned.

Why This Approach?

Currently, $BERRY experiences a daily inflation rate of approximately 2%. Although Chapter 2 will address complications arising from this inflationary model, we have opted to implement early measures to sustain the economy. This move allows us to build a more sustainable ecosystem and positions us for a stronger future, without the challenges associated with managing a soft currency on-chain.

$BERRY, as a soft currency, poses challenges in managing within a live player base and economy. Most MMOs struggle with balancing an inflationary economy, and Web3 technology exacerbates the issue by enabling farmers to grind harder and sell their earnings more easily.

Addressing numerous issues, Chapter 2 aims to safeguard $PIXEL from similar abuses. Players must strategize, collaborate, and complete tasks at random intervals to earn tokens. To maintain a fair playing field, $BERRY will be replaced with an off-chain coin, effective immediately. We intend to reduce sell-pressure by implementing measures that limit its ease of sale on the market or decentralized exchange (DEX) for the off-chain coin. This strategy also addresses regulatory concerns related to money-transmitting licenses, ensuring continued user participation in core gameplay loops, especially in regions like the US and UK. And, by concentrating on a single currency, we aim to streamline the project's economic model, enhancing overall efficiency and player experience.

Next Steps for $BERRY Holders

To be as fair to the community as possible, we are committed to rewarding $BERRY holders with $PIXEL, with the reward proportionate to the amount of $BERRY owned. This will be done in-game but will reflect both on-chain and off-chain balances of $BERRY.

$BERRY will be substituted in game with a new off-chain currency: coins. Players will subsequently have the chance to exchange $PIXEL for coins, gaining a gameplay advantage.

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