$PIXEL is a premium in-game currency in Pixels. $PIXEL is used to buy items, upgrades, and cosmetic enhancements that are outside of the core gameplay loop of Pixels and it’s much harder to come by. It’s analogous to GEMS from the game Clash of Clans. Players will not need this token to progress in the game - but if they want to show off a bit more, then they will.


On the micro-level, user-by-user we want to think about why they might use these tokens

✅ Does this token save me time

✅ Does this token buy me social status in-game

✅ Does this token provide me real enjoyment

❌ Does this token increase future earnings

We want to ensure we’ve created an environment where first…

  • Our game is providing real enjoyment and entertainment to our users

  • Our currency can help amplify that experience without affecting the experience of other users

$PIXEL Utility

Pixel is an in-game utility token. The four main use cases that will be available at TGE will be...

  • Memberships

  • Realms

  • Guilds

  • Pets

$PIXEL will also be used to...

  • Speed up build times

  • Temporarily boost energy

  • Special items to place on land

  • Unlock new skins

  • Unlock XP and Skill enhancers

  • Unlock new Crafting Recipes

  • Purchase IRL Merchandise

Pixels VIP (In-game Memberships)

Pixels VIP is how users can show support to Pixels.

Pixels VIP grants access to exclusive areas, perks in-game, and the ability to withdraw $BERRY to a Ronin wallet. Pixels VIP was previously sold as a subscription in $RON for ~$12/mo.