Earnings Mechanisms

The reward distribution mechanism will also greatly affect how other areas of the game may be burning $PIXEL. For example, if we create incentives for players to farm resources that are only available on NFT Lands, it creates a stronger reason to join a guild, which will, in turn, lock up $PIXEL. If we were to give VIP users more tasks to earn Coins, it would create a larger funnel to VIP sales.

We will be iterating and experimenting constantly on where we weight the incentive structures. The goal is to create systems where users feel like using $PIXEL is worth it and to build a larger player base.

Several mechanisms have been prepared to distribute the $PIXEL token.


Our taskboard system can also fit into the distribution of $PIXEL. We can create task types that are limited in quantity that can be randomly sent to users. For example, we can create a task that calls for 10 Diamond ore with the reward being 10 $PIXEL for completion. We can set a maximum amount of these tasks to be sent out to users. I.e., we randomly distribute this task to a maximum of 1000 users per day.

This allows us to be very precise with the amount of $PIXEL being distributed through the taskboard and allows us to give compelling reasons to try to gather these end-game resources as well.

Who Gets What Task

We can also set a preference to distribute more of the tasks to specific personas if desired, i.e., increase the likelihood of a VIP member receiving this task x10.

This taskboard also has the ability to send more better rewards tasks to players who…

  • Have a higher reputation in Pixels (more proof of person-hood)

  • Have a higher level in Pixels

  • Have VIP, farm land, pets

  • Have completed certains quests

We can incentivize certain gameplay paths to unlock better taskboard tasks this way.

Taskboard and Lands

The taskboard also creates an interesting tie-in to the value-accrual of land and, therefore, also flows down to Guilds & Guild Memberships. It indirectly links farming resources on more desirable NFT Land and $PIXEL.

Rewards Dashboard

We have a separate rewards dashboard that is more flexible than the taskboard. We can reward users for…

  • Sharing Tweets

  • Completing Quests

  • Ranking on a leaderboard

  • Referring friends

  • Login Streaks

This dashboard is quite capable. There are different reward types that we can assign, and we can create pools of rewards.

  • First-Come-First-Serve Rewards

    • Example: First 1000 players to farm 1000 scarrots receive 10 $PIXEL each

  • Timed Leaderboard Rewards

    • Example: Top 1000 Scarrot Farmers after 1 week receive 10 $PIXEL each

  • Split Pools

    • Example: Everyone who farms 1000 scarrots within a week receive a split a pool of 10k $PIXEL

Farm Taxes

Currently, farms have subsidies for them. When users farm on another user’s land, they get an extra 1% of the crops harvested on the land that goes to the Land Owner as a subsidy. We are tweaking this system in Chapter 2 to turn it into a tax.

Landowners (and guilds that manage land) will have the option to set a tax on their farm. They will get sent x% of crops that are farmed on lands. These crops can potentially be redeemed for $PIXEL tasks.

Guild Memberships

Guilds will get a share of Guild membership transaction fees in the form of $PIXEL. In addition, if they set up farm taxes, they will get a share of resources generated on their farms.

We expect that Guilds will likely re-distribute some of these resources they get back to their guild members as a user acquisition strategy for the guild.

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